Keeping things in Balance

I realized early as a teen that I was better at learning hands-on than from books in a classroom. Always needing to explore doing things my way has brought some of my most rewarding accomplishments and almost killed me a few times.

I remember very clearly thinking that the perfect job in life would be a business where you could be creative and make things that people would come to you and buy, Simple and Rewarding.

Northwest Plastics is a business I started almost 20 yrs ago with a few ideas for inventions and the enthusiasm to help other people develop and bring to market their ideas.

Plastic Injection molding is the primary method of manufacturing at our factory. We help our customers (which usually end up as good friends) develop their product designs through CAD drawings and create their product on our 3D Printer, (which is really cool). From there we develop steel molds of their products that we can make parts with in our injection molding machines. (we have 5 machines now).

It is very exciting and satisfying to take a popsicle stick and chewing gum prototype and create finished products that really work.

Working hard and playing harder has always been important to me. At Northwest Plastics we dooooo like to play.  Mike (my partner here) is running around the western part of this country drag racing a Super Gas Corvette with his partner. I grew up surfing in Santa Cruz as a kid and still enjoy traveling to Central America on surf trips. We race radio controlled airplanes and try to fly rc helicopters.  And as if we don’t have enough fun we just finished rebuilding a 1965 VW Dune Buggy.   Oh yea, did I forget to mention that Mike plays the drums and I hack on the guitar in our spare time? We call ourselves The Plastic Men.